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Unlock the potential within your organization with Excel Skills Assessment Service, your premier partner for assessing Excel skills and enhancing Excel proficiency. With my extensive experience from over 1,900 Excel consultancy and training projects for more than 750 clients, I specialize in assessing Excel skills to ensure your team or new candidates possess the necessary expertise for your success.

Dr Peter Clayton, PhD MBA BEng

Excel Skills Assessment Service UK

My Services

Excel Skills Assessment
  • Excel Skills Assessment for Employers: I offer detailed assessments designed to accurately test the Excel capabilities of potential hires and existing staff. Ensure your team is equipped with the Excel proficiency necessary for success in today’s data-driven environment.
  • Excel Skills Assessment for Recruitment Agents: Elevate your recruitment services with my specialized Excel assessments and testing of potential new hires, ensuring you match your clients with candidates of the highest Excel competency. Enhance your reputation by recommending candidates who meet the precise Excel skills your clients require.
  • Pre-Employment Screening Assessment: Streamline your hiring process with my comprehensive pre-employment Excel testing, ensuring that new hires possess the Excel aptitude necessary for the roles you need to fill. Make informed hiring decisions based on expert assessments drawn from my vast experience.
  • Excel Training for Employees: As a separate service, I offer customized Excel training programs designed to further elevate your team’s Excel skills, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and data analysis capabilities. These programs cater to the unique needs of your organization, supporting the development of a proficient and efficient workforce.

Why Choose Me?

Excel Skills Assessment And Testing UK

Leveraging my deep-rooted experience in Excel consultancy and training, I bring unparalleled expertise to your Excel skills assessment and training needs. Here’s what sets me apart:

  • Extensive Experience: With over 1,900 Excel projects under my belt, I have a rich history of enhancing Excel proficiency across a range of industries.
  • Tailored Solutions: Understanding that each organization is unique, I offer customized assessment and training programs to meet your specific needs.
  • Expert Insights: My assessments and trainings are not just about evaluating skills; they’re about providing insights that help individuals and teams grow.

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Excel Proficiency Assessment

Q: How are the assessments conducted?
A: Assessments are tailored to your needs, conducted in-person or one-to-one online using Teams/Zoom/Skype with comprehensive reporting on each candidate’s proficiency.

Q: Can training programs be customized for different skill levels after assessment?
A: Absolutely. Training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your team, regardless of their current proficiency level. I am able to assess Excel skills from basic through to Intermediate right up to Very Advanced.

Q: What industries do you serve?
A: I have experience across various industries, including finance, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, research, and more. Excel proficiency is key in many fields, and I’m here to help due to my extensive experience in consulting and assessing.

Q: Why can’t I just use Microsoft’s certificates to know staff are good at Excel?
A: See this page to explain why they are not very valuable as a test of real Excel skills.

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Ready to assess and increase the Excel skills within your organization or to test potential candidates for your teams? Contact me to learn more about my Excel Skills Assessment Service and how I can tailor my expertise to meet your needs.

Excel Skills Testing UK

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